Garbage People is an experimental dance ensemble that is about more than "just" dance (although I do feel that dance is everything!)…a project that has to do with celebrating life and diversity and discovering things to love about ourselves. Like how movement and performance and art can bring us to tears and make us feel amazing highs. How moving certain ways and wearing certain things is an act of defiance against conformity and even so much more than that. Making things that society thinks are dirty and worthless into beautiful, sparkly things. Like taking the darkest and most unacceptable parts of ourselves, shining them up, and strutting them on the catwalk! 


Our group objective is to defy societal standards of what is acceptable and "good" by putting on display the darkest and perceived weirdest parts of ourselves. We stand for acceptance and inclusivity in our everyday lives and emanate pride in all the parts of who we are through outlandish and celebratory performances.

Connect with us on instagram @garbagepeopledance

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